Greetings from the Missionaries in Ecuador

Everyone is enjoying their time in Ecuador, so much so, that at the first feedback meeting there were requests to start the workday earlier! Breakfast was served early the next morning! The young people are working hard during the day and enjoying their leisure time in the evening, with the youth in the area. Parents and children are all very happy and despite the difference in language, communication with the local people is good and people are relating well together.

The group builders are working well leading the teams, and alongside them the families are busy establishing unity and contentment which is great to see.

Sr Mary who is the director of the hospital, is very appreciative of the extra help she is receiving from the Missionaries who are helping with the care of her patients. Some with cancer, others with Alzheimers and others who are sick. One missionary in her first year as a medical student, is very pleased to be a part of the team and her mother is a great help too with her skills as a physiotherapist.

The children’s area is of course always busy and after Mass has been celebrated by the Bishop the children join in the English course—and sometimes the parents do too! Many of the adults are keen to learn new skills.

Our Missionaries will be back soon with more experiences to share with us all. Goodbye until then.

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