Christ is risen! Let his light shine out from you!

Gospel of Luke 24 : 35 – 48

After hurrying back from Emmaus and telling the others what had happened on the road and at the table – of how they had recognised Jesus in the breaking of bread. Jesus entered the room where the disciples were hiding away and stood amongst them, greeting them with his peace – Shalom!

Christ is present among us, sharing his peace – a peace which only he can offer fully. The peace of the risen Christ is always there for us, if only we would just open our hearts to receive it.

Easter does not finish on Easter Sunday. Christ rises inside and outside of us in every moment of every day. He calls us to recognise his presence within and then taking him to be experienced by all those around us, which we do by going out from the place where we hide ourselves away, to reveal him to those we encounter on the road, by giving his love to them.

Palm Sunday 2024

Hosanna to the Son of David!

Jesus enters Jerusalem accompanied by shouts of joy. Indeed during this week Jesus enters the depth of our humanity, in order to raise it up on Easter Sunday.

So do we enter Holy Week. The Church invites us to slow down, to sit down and eat with Jesus the Last Supper, to pray with him at Gethsemane, to feel the pain and anguish of betrayal and torture, of rejection and humiliation, of abandonment and desolation. We are invited to accompany him to the Cross, to be with his mother Mary, the other women and the beloved disciple; we are willing and yet aware that often we are unable to keep awake, that sometimes we are among those betraying and abandoning him. With a sorrowful heart, we are invited to have faith, to keep hoping, to trust in his forgiveness, to wait in trepidation for the Risen Lord.

Fr Giacomo MSC