Dear parishioners of Immaculate Heart of Mary’s and St Columba’s,

I want to send you my warmest greetings and invite you to live the time of Lent by letting yourself be amazed by the presence of the Lord in our life. Even if the path to Easter will be all uphill and it will still have a load of worries and suffering, I ask you to let yourselves be accompanied by the Lord, marveling at his closeness at every moment. Only Jesus can open our eyes, to give us the wisdom necessary to face this time and every daily challenge. With open eyes, even the most fragile and suffering can discover themselves as “new people”, original and unique pieces: gifts of God’s love. By accepting the miracle of Easter and the living presence of the Lord, we too can learn to be bearers of hope and joy. I wish you a good beginning of Lent. God bless you.

Fr Alessandro