Dear parishioners,

Wishing us Happy Easter is not just a rite, but a small exercise in entrusting ourselves to the Risen Christ. A wish then becomes an opportunity to renew the sweetness of the heart of the Gospel: he is truly risen; death is no longer scary. The Resurrection is hope, it is joy, it is courage. Dear sisters and brothers, I would like to meet each of you on this wonderful day and I’m doing in the Eucharist, so I share with you the concreteness and truth of these words. Hope, joy and courage come to us from Christ who dies on the cross and rises again. We are here this year, ready again to meet everyone, to walk the most tiring roads, to share suffering with those who suffer, to look to the future with fearless. Do not be discouraged, do not lose hope, a small flame is enough to light up the darkness of the night. Know that the doors of our parish community and the arms of all of us brothers in Christ are always open, I’d like to thank all the volunteers for what they have done and are doing for those who are in time of need and I propose them as an example to imitate: as Christ did, they take care of others because they love them!

I wish all of you and your families a Blessed Happy Easter!

Fr Alessandro