What is it that makes the apostle John rush to the tomb? He lived through the whole drama of Easter, being very close to his Master. It therefore seems inadmissible to us such a statement: “In fact, they had not yet understood Scripture”. Yet it was just like that: let’s not be surprised then to note the current ignorance, in many similar ways. God’s world, God’s plans are so different that even today it happens that even those closest to God do not understand and are amazed at the events. “He saw and believed”. Was an empty tomb enough for everything to be resolved? I think it wasn’t that easy. Even in the moment of the hardest suffering, John remains close to his Master.

Reason does not understand, but love helps the heart to open-up and see. It is the intuition of love that allows John to see and believe before all the others. The joy of Easter matures only on the ground of faithful love. A friendship that nothing and no one could break. Is that possible? I believe that life has taught us that only God can provide this for us. It is the testimony that all the gulags of Eastern Europe give us and that echoes in the Easter joy at the end of our millennium.

Christ is Risen! He is truly risen! Alleluia!