The lights of Christmas this year seem dimmed by the consequences of the pandemic that still weighs heavily on our time.. But the words of the John’s Gospel burst into our hearts perhaps discouraged and even resigned: “The true light, which enlightens everyone, is coming into the world.” The feast of the Birth of Christ is not out of tune with the trial that we are going through, because it is the feast of compassion, of tenderness, of joy, of hope. Its beauty is humble and full of human warmth. And this beauty of Christmas shines through in the sharing of small gestures of concrete love. How many faces and stories we met on this time of Advent in our parishes, through our Christmas Mission, visiting so many parishioners and welcoming even people we didn’t know… We saw the beauty of a God who became flesh, the beauty of faces, of stories; the beauty of the creatures who make up our common home and who – as St Francis teaches us – share in the praise of the Most High. Yes, the True Light is among us! Let’s make it shine within us and around us in every daily gesture of love, sharing and service. And it will be Christmas in our hearts. Happy Christmas dear brothers and sisters!

Fr Alessandro