The usual All Souls Mass for loved ones will take place on Wednesday 2nd November 7.00pm . I am pleased to say that you may once again lay the candle yourselves! At stages throughout the mass, those who wish to may come forward to light a candle for departed loved ones.

This is not restricted to recent bereavement but is for anyone whom we miss. We would like you to say the name of the person you are remembering or the general family name as you lay the candle, but of course, if you prefer, you may lay it without saying anything. The candles should eventually form the shape of a cross by the end of the service. 

If you are interested in laying a candle, please sign up on the sheet after mass by giving the name of the deceased so that it can be listed on the back of the Mass sheet. You may of course lay a candle on the evening without signing up. 

If you cannot attend, then a candle can still be lit for your loved one and the name read out. Please  restrict it to just a couple of names or a family group i.e., for my parents, Ray & Veronica Brown or for Brown & Hughes family members and say who it is from i.e., Dot Hughes. Please give these details by contacting the Parish secretary by email or by phone (all on the front cover of the newsletter). There will be coffee and tea afterwards so please do stay. Any questions please speak to Dot Hughes.